Learn More About Texas Hot Rides - The Best Auto Dealer in Carrollton, TX

The Short... We're proud to be one of the pioneers and top enthusiast driven automotive dealerships around. With over 10,000+ specialty cars sold since 2009, you're in good hands. Our mission is simple: To have the absolute nicest selection of specialty car inventory while disarming the automotive buying experience with a laid back, no pressure approach.

The Long... To most dealerships' standards; Texas Hot Rides was built backwards. Coming right out of 2008 you'd have wondered where all the Camrys, Accords and economical choices were? We might have a few on the occasion but the vision came together between Jon and Bill to only provide an incredible selection of cars that were exciting and drove their passion. The kind of passion that could stem only frompulling out transmissions in a barn until the am hours to make it to the next days car show as teenagers. Many said it just wasn't possible to have a store in which strictly provided cars and trucks you don't necessarily "Need"; But if you're enthusiast like us you most definitely "Want".

Consider Texas Hot Rides a boutique dealership that is just as excited about that car you're purchasing as you are. We invite you to come walk through our showroom doors and see what we have to offer. It's more than fair pricing and extremely competitive financing options. It's an experience.

Meet the guys that make this happen:

Mitchell Dietrich - Lotus expert and multi tasking aficionado. "Sold more Carrera GT's to Mustang GT's than anyone else in the world" (2011)

Luis Mendez - LS guru and Camaro whisperer. Have a ZL1? Have a GTO? He can probably tell you the production number off the top of his head of your color combination. (2016)

Bill Westerfield - From Honda platforms to modern American performance and muscle. He lives and breaths cars. There's not many people addicted to Carbon Fiber and things with four wheels like this guy. This is where the in depth knowledge of our cars stem from. (2009)

Evan Jarcy - Basically doesn't do anything... Oh; except provide the best financing options and experience possible. He works each deal as if it was a delicate flower in need of springtime pruning. This lender to customer matchmaker deserves an award. Not sure which one.. but one nonetheless. (2013)

Will Conley - Part trend setting photographer part Sasquatch. This fiery man is going to set a blaze to your social media feed with sensual eyegasms and class. You'll be lucky to catch a glimpse of him in the wild. (2011)

Jon Samuels - Janitor by day founder by night. He seems to cruise the vibey cars that take you back to a simpler time. (2009)

Welcome to Texas Hot Rides.

Glad you're here.

Texas Hot Rides
1833 North Interstate 35e
Carrollton, Texas 75006